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Redspot Car Rentals is a rental car company with its head office in Sydney, Australia. Redspot was founded by Dan Mekler in 1989. It has grown from 1 Sydney location to cover most locations in Australia and New Zealand. Redspot renamed its brand name in 2012 after becoming partners with Sixt rent a car in 2012 to Redspot Sixt. Redspot & Sixt rent a car pushes outbound and inbound business to each other. Today Redspot has locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. In 2000, Redspot Car Rentals acquired Australian Rent A Car and took possession and gave it presence in Queensland to Victoria.


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Former Employee - Property Damage Claims Specialist says

"Benefits are lacking. No short term disability. No 401(k)."

Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not enough hours to much walking and too far apart spent too much money on bus fair Jobs gets cancelled management not good supervisors are not good What more can I say bad company"

Supervisor temp manager (Former Employee) says

"I'm sorry to say but this is a poorly run company with to few staff who are bullied into unsafe working practices, I have no problem with this being made common knowledge for the safety of the clients"

Health Care Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Inadequate! No communication, clients with missed calls. Avoid like the plague! Go elsewhere and make sure your clients don’t use this service provider Cons: Everything"

Care Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy working here but the lack of communication is bad and millage is very poor sometimes is it costing me to go to work so I think it is time to move on Cons: Lack of communication"

Homecare assistant (Former Employee) says

"Meeting elderly people who have many stories about their young days. All the experiences they went through to be the people they are. Cons: long hours" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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